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Re: Faster Indy?

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, R G Mayhue wrote:

> Do you think it would be wise (in future releases) to compile the Indy
> distro for Pentium processors (i586 or higher)? Similar to the Mandrake
> Linux 6.0 or Stampede distro's?

IMO, this is a relatively low priority.

However, given the fact that it probably isn't that hard to do ( just
modify RPM_OPT_FLAGS ) there may be merit in doing this. Does optimising
for these processors make the binaries unusable or just suboptimal on
others ? if the latter, perhaps it's a good idea.

It would be interesting to see if there really is any performance benefit
( besides the placebo effect ) Of course, even placebo effects keep users
happy (-;