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Re: Faster Indy?

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Donovan wrote:

> However, given the fact that it probably isn't that hard to do ( just
> modify RPM_OPT_FLAGS ) there may be merit in doing this. Does optimising
> for these processors make the binaries unusable or just suboptimal on
> others ? if the latter, perhaps it's a good idea.

According to both the Mandrake and Stampede people there may be a slight
performance hit on non-Pentium processors (i386/i486 and comp), but the
binaries are usable. On Pentium and above (Pro,II,III) there is a
performance gain of 10 - 30% (using the PGCC compiler of coarse).
Stampede removes all debugging code from the binaries to reduce size
and gain speed. I'm not sure about Mandrake. Mandrake 6.0 is (claims) to
be 99.99% compatible w/Red Hat 6.0

> It would be interesting to see if there really is any performance benefit
> ( besides the placebo effect ) Of course, even placebo effects keep users
> happy (-; 

IMO I think that the optimizations are slightly faster on my Pentium
200 MMX. Stampede has a benchmark listed on it's web site at
http://www.stampede.org/faq.php3 if anyone is interested.

I've been doing some R & D on some other distro's and awhile back I
downloaded and installed Mandrake 6.0 and have been using it. I have
tried many distro's in the past several months. I'm trying to get the
feel for some of the major distro's so I can form my own opinions (on
strengths and weaknesses) and gain better insight on installations etc.
I've got my eye on the Loather project (~8

So far I think the approach Indy has taken is the best so far. And I'm
not just saying that to get attention! IMHO (and others!) when Indy
finally matures and becomes "mainstream", people WILL notice the
difference. Indy is already giving users more than some of the "deluxe"
or "boxed" editions do, and doing it using GPL'ed software only.
I'm looking forward to seeing the new release announcement on the
Indy web site.


R.G. Mayhue

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						--James Martineau

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