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Re: Indy-0.2 boot.img

> From: R G Mayhue <rgmayhue@serenesoftware.com>
> Organization: Serene Software
> Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 19:52:08 -0400
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> Jean,
> I downloaded the images and differentials directories from belegost. I
> have the RedHat-6.0 CD, so I only picked out what looked different from
> the other directories to get an Indy-6.0-0.2 install going. 
> But I have run into a little problem. I can't get *boot.img* to boot
> off of a floppy. I downloaded the image a total of three times thinking
> it was corrupt. I copied the image onto the floppy using rawrite in dos
> and dd in linux grabbing at straws. I have tried several floppies. Still
> no luck. )-:

It works here.  You don't say what went wrong.  :Did you use binary
transfer?  Anyway I have reloaded it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses