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Re: Indy-0.2 boot.img

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> > Jean,
> > I downloaded the images and differentials directories from belegost. I
> > have the RedHat-6.0 CD, so I only picked out what looked different from
> > the other directories to get an Indy-6.0-0.2 install going. 
> > 
> > But I have run into a little problem. I can't get *boot.img* to boot
> > off of a floppy. I downloaded the image a total of three times thinking
> > it was corrupt. I copied the image onto the floppy using rawrite in dos
> > and dd in linux grabbing at straws. I have tried several floppies. Still
> > no luck. )-:
> > 
> It works here.  You don't say what went wrong.  :Did you use binary
> transfer?  Anyway I have reloaded it.
I downloaded again Jean, and yes in binary transfer. I copied to one
floppy in dos using rawrite. I copied to another floppy using dd under
Linux. Two floppies, two copies. Neither copy will boot on my PC or my
fathers PC in the next room. I took the very same two floppies and
copied the boot.img off of the RedHat-6.0 CD onto both floppies using
the same two methods above, and both copies will boot on both PC's fine.

What went wrong? 

Insert the freshly copied floppy into the drive and try to boot. The
BIOS tries to start the boot from the floppy and a buzzing sound comes
from the drive and an error message of "Boot failed" appears on the
screen. This happens on both PC's, same exact thing )-;

Sorry Jean, I don't know what to tell you. 

Can anyone on the list download the boot.img from belegost and try to
boot it? If anyone could do this I would apprishiate it. This will give
both myself and Jean some answers. Possibly the image file is being
corrupted on my download or Jean's upload. Or even on my hard drive ))-;

Thanks in advance.


R.G. Mayhue

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