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Re: Koffice

> JF Martinez wrote:
> > Has anyone tried Koffice or is willing to try it?  IMHO the two really
> > important apps are Kword and Kpresent.  If they work they could be a
> > nice addition for 0.2
> Unfortunately they are not ready yet -- they have been moved to Qt2.0,
> which is just coming out in beta now, so it will take some time before
> KWord and KPresent are ready.  The developers are shooting for an
> official beta release sometime at the end of the summer.
> In the meantime, there are some older alpha-releases about (I think SuSE
> has some on their ftp servers) which use qt-1.42.  These are relatively
> stable but lack some functionality (though they probably have more than,
> say, Abiword).

If they don't crash too much then it woul be good to include the Alpha
versions of Koffice.  For now all we have to show is Maxwell.

> Regards,
> Andreas

			Jean Francois Martinez

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