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Should we make a www group?

Since there are several volunteers for maintaining the Independence web
site, maybe we should try to form a kind of group, a www_admin???

I must confess, that about 2 minutes after replying to the original "A
web designer needed" mail, I started making a new version of the
web site (text-only). I will upload a sample later at my web site, but
maybe we should create a graphical version and a text version?

To finish this mail, I will tell what I can contribute with:
(I suggest you do the same :-)

I do:

1. All HTML (I *never* do frames!)
     Note on HTML: I am very concerned about syntax, "clean-code"
     etc. and I always code by hand!

2. Advanced Server Side Includes (Can this feature be used on the web

3. Basic graphics (dots, lines etc., nothing fancy)

Now, what can you guys do?