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Re: Should we make a www group?

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Rune Christiansen wrote:

> Since there are several volunteers for maintaining the Independence web
> site, maybe we should try to form a kind of group, a www_admin???

Good idea, share the work.
> I must confess, that about 2 minutes after replying to the original "A
> web designer needed" mail, I started making a new version of the
> web site (text-only). I will upload a sample later at my web site, but
> maybe we should create a graphical version and a text version?

Another good idea, since I started using Linux, I also started using lynx
(my old 486 doesn't get on with X very well!), others may be in the same


> Now, what can you guys do?
Basic HTML (inc. frames ;)! ) , basic javascripts, I'm starting to learn
CGI and full java. Just the basics, but I'm learning more, and am willing
to help in anyway I can.


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