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Re: Should we make a www group?

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, cogNiTioN wrote:

> Another good idea, since I started using Linux, I also started using lynx
> (my old 486 doesn't get on with X very well!), others may be in the same
> situation.

Not such a good idea. THe page should be half readable with lynx in the
first place. This is nearly always possible. The only thing that breaks
lynx is heavy table use and most of the tables ( besides the ones in
/software ) are bad enough to look bad in lynx. 

> > Now, what can you guys do?
> Basic HTML (inc. frames ;)! ) , basic javascripts, I'm starting to learn
> CGI and full java. Just the basics, but I'm learning more, and am willing
> to help in anyway I can.

We mostly need html. perl also helps (it's a good language to write site
maintenance scripts in ). Unless someone can think of a *really* good
reason to use frames/java , we won't use them. 

-- Donovan