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Some progress

I have managed to remove several pitfalls allowing the user to shhot
himself in the foot.  First by ensuring that the X server will ever
have enough fonts even in case the font server is stopped or
uninstalled.  Second by ensuring that in case gdm is installed either
kdm or xdm is used in place instead of letting the user trapped with a
respawning X server in case he is at running level 5.
I also didsomething else today but I don't remember.  :-(

I also provided for a close integration between samba and LinPopUp

Found bugs in the PPP+wwwoffle part.

I am now aiming at having something half ready for Linux Expo Paris
the 17th and 18th June so I will concentrate on this instead of
syncing what I have on disk and what is on the site.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses