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Re: fonts, autofs and things

> On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, S. Lockwood wrote:
> > What kind of timeout did you choose for floppies under autofs?
> > I am concerned that people could lose their changes to a floppy or even 
> > corrupt a floppy filesystem by pulling a floppy out before it got automatically
> > unmounted; I read in the docs that you are still supposed to wait for it to 
> > be unmounted, because autofs does not disable whatever caching that makes
> > umount necessary to begin with.
> CDROMs are "locked", ie you can't eject them while they are mounted. Is
> this true for floppies ? ( pardon my ignorance ... I don't use floppies
> except to boot ;-) 
Nope, they are spit out mechanically -- no electronically controlled
eject button. Good for getting floppies out when the system is not powered,
bad for letting the OS "lock" them.

                              S. Lockwood