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Re: The Independence web site (new thread)

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> > No, but a link to a site like linux.org should do it. Besides, most
> linux.org is far from definitive. In fact It's almsot a good candidate not
> to link to.

It was just an example. I don't surf around for Linux sites, so
linux.org was the only one that came to mind right now :-)

> > suggestions of each person and use the things that makes sense. You
> > mentioned yourself, that you are positive to the idea of using SSI, but
> this sounds reasonable. SOme of your ideas are quite good.


> > Why is it hard to implement SSI??? (Examples)
> well it's definitely *some* work. And the site is doing just fine with the
> CSS.

Some work yes, but it's not that hard...

> Better, I'd like to see some proposals as to where we could put the SSI

You started out with the headers yourself and I'm thinking about making
a guide to SSI, so examples should be available later. Then we can find
out which of the examples that can be used.

> perhaps you can tell us more about what can be done with ssi. I haven't
> played with it much.

A little example:

<!--#exec cmd="cat cmd.sh" -->

Will execute cat cmd.sh using /bin/sh (it prints the output)


<!--#if expr="\"$HTTP_USER_AGENT\" = /Lynx/" -->
<!--#else -->
Not Lynx
<!--#endif -->

If the HTTP_USER_AGENT header contains the word Lynx, it will include
the text Lynx, else it will include Not Lynx.

These are some of the simple things. It can be much more advanced than
this, but I'll start out with those two examples.

Try putting a <pre><!--printenv --></pre> on a shtml page, then it will
print most variables available.

BTW: If you make a page with <!--printenv -->, please send me the a link
(private) because I would like to see what options there are on the SEUL

> The best way to write html for lynx is use a lot of logical markup tags
> and not too many tables. The site already does this. What else should it
> do ?

I wish to remove some of the tables. You could just as well do a:

Independence Home | Distribution Info | Developers Info | Manifesto |
Software Repository | Mailing List | Bookmarks

enclosed in <p align="center"></p> on top of each page instead of:


HREF="/index.html">Independence Home</A>	</TD>

HREF="/distribution/">Distribution Info</A>	</TD>

HREF="/developers/index.html">Developers Info</A>	</TD>


HREF="/software/index.html">Software Repository</A>	</TD>
HREF="/subscribing/index.html" >Mailing List</A></TD>


It would help the bandwidth :-)

> Until you explain why the page isn't fully compatible with lynx, you are
> just babbling. CSS does *NOT* destroy lynx compatibiility. It merely
> redefines IE3-5 and NS4's interpretation of logical markup tags.

Forget about compatibility! As long as a site have the correct tags, it
will always be compatible. I'm talking design, but I think we should
stop discussing this subject for now (we're getting nowhere with it).

> If you want to make lynx CHOKE, the best way to do it is to AVOID logical
> markup, and use <FONT> tags (and other physical markup) , which lynx will
> (usually) ignore. IOW, CSS is the best
> way to write html that is friendly to lynx *and* 4.0 browsers. The
> alternative, <FONT> tags, are lynx's worst enemy.

I think I'll take a look at the style sheet itself, just to see how
widely used it is on the site.

> > Administering the work of the web group... Not a very important job, but
> > then I had something to do!
> Still not sure what you mean. SOunds reasonable though.

Well, a group leader needs to calm things down if the group gets starts
a big fight etc. You could compare it to the newsgroup administrators,
who step in and stop the fighting and keep the discussions on a "good"

In this case, it could be the group that makes pages for the web site.
If they start fighting on the groups mailing list, the administrator has
the right to throw a user of the list, if he/she can't behave. At this
point in the project, I don't think it will be necessary with this type
of administrator, but maybe it will later...

Well, that's all for now... Did I forget anything?