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Re: The Independence web site (new thread)

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Rune Christiansen wrote:

> and:
> Lynx
> <!--#else -->
> Not Lynx
> <!--#endif -->
> If the HTTP_USER_AGENT header contains the word Lynx, it will include
> the text Lynx, else it will include Not Lynx.

ah, the latter is interesting. so we could go

 <!--#if expr="\"$HTTP_USER_AGENT\" = /Lynx/" -->
 <!--#include virtual="/lynx_header"-->
 <!--#include virtual="/other_header"-->

> I wish to remove some of the tables. You could just as well do a:

I don't want to lose the tables for non lynx browsers. What do you think
of my example above ? 

> It would help the bandwidth :-)

the snipped text takes less than a second to load on a *slow* connection

> > markup, and use <FONT> tags (and other physical markup) , which lynx will
> > (usually) ignore. IOW, CSS is the best
> > way to write html that is friendly to lynx *and* 4.0 browsers. The
> > alternative, <FONT> tags, are lynx's worst enemy.
> I think I'll take a look at the style sheet itself, just to see how
> widely used it is on the site.

it's used for every page on the site.

The style sheet just defines format for <H1>, <H2> ,... , <EM> , <STRONG>
tags for CSS enabled browsers. I don't do any of that heavy physical
layout stuff.

> In this case, it could be the group that makes pages for the web site.
> If they start fighting on the groups mailing list, the administrator has
> the right to throw a user of the list, if he/she can't behave. At this
> point in the project, I don't think it will be necessary with this type
> of administrator, but maybe it will later...

We haven't needed any police to date (-; if a brawl really does break out,
the project coordinator ( Jean ) gets the last word.

-- Donovan