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Re: The Independence web site (new thread)

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> > If the HTTP_USER_AGENT header contains the word Lynx, it will include
> > the text Lynx, else it will include Not Lynx.
> ah, the latter is interesting. so we could go
>  <!--#if expr="\"$HTTP_USER_AGENT\" = /Lynx/" -->
>  <!--#include virtual="/lynx_header"-->
>  <!--#else-->
>  <!--#include virtual="/other_header"-->

Almost right. You need the <!--#endif -->, but it would probably be
better that each page contains:

<!--#include virtual="/header.shtml" -->

and in the header.shtml:

<!--#if expr="\"$HTTP_USER_AGENT\" = /Lynx/" -->
The lynx header :-)
<!--#else -->
other header
<!--#endif -->

This way, only the header.shtml needs to be changed :-)

> I don't want to lose the tables for non lynx browsers. What do you think
> of my example above ?

Good idea, except for the errors of course ;-)

> > It would help the bandwidth :-)
> the snipped text takes less than a second to load on a *slow* connection
> (-;

It's not a matter of (the current) load time. I'm still using my old
33.6 modem and therefore I always strip the documents for the extra
code. Okay, even my 33.6 will load the PI page fast, but removing the
extra code will in the long run make response better and the browsers
will format the pages faster :-)

> > I think I'll take a look at the style sheet itself, just to see how
> > widely used it is on the site.
> it's used for every page on the site.

No, that's not what I meant...

> The style sheet just defines format for <H1>, <H2> ,... , <EM> , <STRONG>
> tags for CSS enabled browsers. I don't do any of that heavy physical
> layout stuff.

Thats what I meant! Now I don't need to check :-)

> We haven't needed any police to date (-; if a brawl really does break out,
> the project coordinator ( Jean ) gets the last word.

That's fine! We'll stop the discussion here...