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Indy and Windows

It is a sad thing but we often have to coexist with Windows.  It is
also atonishing how most classic distribs semm to ignore it.  You
don't get the "Job Printed" messages when you print to an SMB printer
nor the messages sent by the Windows using people, you cannot run
Windows software, you cannot mount Windows shares in a reasonably easy
fashion (try do it with smbmount and you will see a sardonic smile in
the face of the windows guy).  All they envision is the Linux box
being a boring sever for disk space and printing while the real work
is done on the Windows crash-station.

These last days I have integrated LinPopUp and Samba in order Samba
knows about how to send messages thanks to LinPopUp, I have modernized
Wine, added VNC (plus the Macs and Windows clients and servers) in
order the user be able to display on a Linux box the output of
programs who are running on a Windows or Mac or the opposite, I have
also added Knetmon who allows you to mount Windows shares as easily as
it is in Windows.

This is part of the policy: "Trying to cover the real needs of users".

But I won't have time to update the site before the nd of Linux Expo
(June 18).
			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses