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Re: Samba time coruption

> From: "Lee Sharp" <lee@insync.net>
> Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:48:15 -0500
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>    I have seen a lot of this in the newsgroups lately;
> | As I understand it, this is a problem with the kernel provided with
> RH6.0:
> |when configuring smb support there is an option called 'Windows 95
> bug-fix'
> |whose help text warns that it should _only_ ever be used if _all_ the
> windows 
> |machines sharing files are 95 boxes. Apparently the default kernel in
> RH6.0
> |has this option compiled in, and it does Bad Things (TM) to date fields
> |when talking to NT or '98 servers.
>    Sence we base on red hat, and our users are less knowledgable, should we
> recompile with a compatable kernal?  I can't see a new user figuring this
> one out easily...
> 			Lee

I have looked the option and the help text does not tell that.  Now do
we consider we have no longer unpatched Windows 95 hanging around

I plan to uqse a newer kernel than 2.2.5.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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