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Re: fonts, autofs and things

> From: "Lee Sharp" <lee@insync.net>
> Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 01:02:03 -0500
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> |> > CDROMs are "locked", ie you can't eject them while they are mounted. Is
> |> > this true for floppies ? ( pardon my ignorance ... I don't use floppies
> |> > except to boot ;-)
> |> Nope, they are spit out mechanically -- no electronically controlled
> |> eject button. Good for getting floppies out when the system is not
> powered,
> |> bad for letting the OS "lock" them.
> |I was concerned about this too but I had not a clear solution.  I have
> |just remebered about the sync option who forces synchronous writing.
> |I will rebuild the RPM.  Would be simpler if we were using Macs who
> |lock floppies, unfortunately PCs have ever had El Cheapo floppy
> |readers.
>    This was also a problem with Amiga systems running the Emplat Mac
> emulator.  It was fixed by adding a hacked requester to reinsert the media
> if it errored on a cache write.  How hard would that be to add?

I am like Donovan: I don't use floppies for months and when I use them
I use tar instead of makfsing them and mounting them so I am not sure
automounting of floppies is very useful.  While it is possible to use
the sync parm in the mounting options handled to autofs it will still
carry problems if a process has CDed to it or has an open file on it
so I commented it out.  If consensus is I was wrong I will keep
automounting of floppies.

By the way I am atonished how unsecure is the autofs default file in
RedHat.  If you start it (by default it is not and I fixed this) then
every rascal can insert a floppy containing setuid programs or dev
files and destroy your box in seconds or install a backdoor in your

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses