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Re: fonts, autofs and things

|> > CDROMs are "locked", ie you can't eject them while they are mounted. Is
|> > this true for floppies ? ( pardon my ignorance ... I don't use floppies
|> > except to boot ;-)

|> Nope, they are spit out mechanically -- no electronically controlled
|> eject button. Good for getting floppies out when the system is not
|> bad for letting the OS "lock" them.

|I was concerned about this too but I had not a clear solution.  I have
|just remebered about the sync option who forces synchronous writing.
|I will rebuild the RPM.  Would be simpler if we were using Macs who
|lock floppies, unfortunately PCs have ever had El Cheapo floppy

   This was also a problem with Amiga systems running the Emplat Mac
emulator.  It was fixed by adding a hacked requester to reinsert the media
if it errored on a cache write.  How hard would that be to add?