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Re: Indy and Windows

> I have been trying to set up Samba access to my Linux Box for about a week 
> now...I can easily mount my Win NT and Win 98 shares in Linux, but I can't 
> mount the Linux shares in Samba.  Configuring Samba in Linux is a major 
> hassle...having to play around with the config file...this definately needs 
> to be addressed.

It can be done realtively easily either with the integrated Samba
configurator in Samba 2.0 or with Linuxconf the later being the better

Notice that in redhat 5.2 you have to teel Linuxconf to use the smbconf
module (in one of the Linuxconf panels).  In 6.0 Linuxconf is already
configured to load the smbconf module.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses