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Linux Expo

I spent two last days at Linux Expo, they were keynotes sessions given
by people like John Blair (Samba team) and RMS (yes THAT one) but I
couldn't attend them because I was busy at the stand.

At the expo they were stands by companies like Compaq, IBM, Oracle,
Computer Associates.  What was more interesting is that many products
exposed there were high-end mission critical products so that means
that Linux is now being accepted in the enterprise.  The expo was
simply crowded and the attendance was a mix of T-shirts, suits and
non-hacker private users.

I got several contacts despite the fact I could only present a
somewhat unexciting distrib (ie the really useful things didn't show
up) and of the fact I had no time to prepare a leaflet.  I only had a
poster with "la Liberte" raising a banner with a penguin on it and the
slogan "Independence Project: Revolt of the Commons".  Despite all
these handicaps it was not that bad.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses