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Propaganda themes

At LinuxExpo I used the "La Liberte" painting with la Liberte holding
a blue flag with a Penguin on it.

Slogan was:  "Independence distribution: La revolte des gueux".

(Revolt of gueux)

Gueux was the derogative way the medieval nobility called peasants.
Don't know the english translation for this.

Slogan expressed the fact that present distributions tend to ignore
many people who use or learn Linux in non traditional ways and that in
fact it is time we the "commons", the guys whose needs have ever been
ignored begin to take charge and build a Linux distribution designed
for _our_ needs.

If we continue in this line that will dictate genaral tone of the

Now do we continue on this line or do we step back considering the
slogan a bit agressive?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses