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ISP connecting

>When I was having problems connecting to my ISP I found a good guide which
>helped me no end. It can be found at:

I already have it, thanks. I can connect, use minicom, but getting the ISP
not to hang up is what I'm working on. Probably because I have not set
everything properly in the necessary files is what I think is the problem. I
use the word "think" loosely. If I try ppp negoiate it tells me I have the
wrong IP DNS, must have it set up wrong in the file or a wrong file. If I
use ppp default, I get garbage, then hung up on. Do have the right DNS, got
it from my ISP.

>I'm looking to install diald, so let me know how you find it.

OK, I may resort to it, but I wanted to figure out the networking stuff, I
get confused a lot, mutter to myself too.

I may try going through linuxcnf again, and make a mess of the files, again.

>I'm also working on a script which establishes your ppp connection (using
>a user defined connection script), fetches your mail (using fetchmail),
>empties your mail queue (if you're running sendmail) then exits you
>connection and runs your mail program if you have new mail (if you want it
>to.). I'm doing it mainly to improve my scripting skills, and forfill a
>specific need I have, but if anyone else wouldn't mid testing it, or wants
>to use it, let me know and I'll send you a copy when it's finished. I've
>got most of the code done, it's just the integration of the config file I
>need to do now, and testing. After that it's free for use.(baring any
>large coding problems that stop it working!)

Sure, toss it this way and I may learn something else, or get another bump
on the noggin from the dented wall near me.