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Re: ISP connecting

> >When I was having problems connecting to my ISP I found a good guide which
> >helped me no end. It can be found at:
> >http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/ppp-linux.html
> I already have it, thanks. I can connect, use minicom, but getting the ISP
> not to hang up is what I'm working on. Probably because I have not set
> everything properly in the necessary files is what I think is the problem. I
> use the word "think" loosely. If I try ppp negoiate it tells me I have the
> wrong IP DNS, must have it set up wrong in the file or a wrong file. If I
> use ppp default, I get garbage, then hung up on. Do have the right DNS, got
> it from my ISP.

If you're having real problems, try finding an ISP that supports Linux. In
the UK, Connect Free <www.connectfree.co.uk> is a good, free ISP that
supports Linux (so it's web page says. I moved there purely because they
supported Linux. Fortunatly I've not had to use it yet.) Many do support
> OK, I may resort to it, but I wanted to figure out the networking stuff, I
> get confused a lot, mutter to myself too.

Muttering to oneself is, contrary to popular opinion, a good thing.

> Sure, toss it this way and I may learn something else, or get another bump
> on the noggin from the dented wall near me.

Will do, I'll post the URL on the list when it's finished. I'm not
planning on it being complicated enough to cause a head banging session,
though. :-)


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