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Re: Propaganda themes

> On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Bud Beckman wrote:
> > "Linux for the Masses" You want to change the old one to be a bit more
> > aggressive? 
> I actually like the "Linux for the Masses" one. 
> Is agressive what we want to be? I wouldn't have thought so. 
> I don't know if Linux lends itself to agressiveness, what with the cute
> penguin as a mascot.

You obviously have never been charged by an angry penguin at 200 km/h.
:-) Linus was nearly eaten alive by one of them when visting Shark
Island in Australia.  Look at the issue 8 or 9 of Linux Journal for

Seriously: what I wanted to express is more "independentism" than real
agressiveness.  Linuxers have specific problems because Linux is used
in places classic Unix was neraly unheard of.  Thees problemsare badly
addressed by present distributions: as a proof look at all the people
in this lsit who use MS tools for sending mail or are unable to
connect to thir ISP.  So it is time, we the plain citizens, begin to
take charge and also begin considering that Linux problems require
Linux, not Unix solutions.

As an example of this, look at what RedHat does for mail.  They do
nothing for the guy whose mail travels through PPP.  All they consider
is the guy who has permanent access to the Internet.  Unix people
never use PPP (except as ISPs), Linux people do.  Thus this a problem
(mail through PPP) who is nearly unheard in Unix but common in Linux.
But all RedHat (and every other distrib I know) does is send mail at
regular intervals like if the user had ever permenent access that is
it only addresses the problem when Linux is used as a cheap Unix not
when it is used as a home computer.

Thus the need for independence from Linux towards Unix and
independence from the users towards traditional distribs.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses