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Re: Propaganda themes

> Seriously: what I wanted to express is more "independentism" than real
> agressiveness.  Linuxers have specific problems because Linux is used
> in places classic Unix was neraly unheard of.  Thees problemsare badly
> addressed by present distributions: as a proof look at all the people
> in this lsit who use MS tools for sending mail or are unable to
> connect to thir ISP.  So it is time, we the plain citizens, begin to
> take charge and also begin considering that Linux problems require
> Linux, not Unix solutions.
Well, if you want a logo to express an independent streak, how about a mule?  
They're well known to do things pretty much as they want, not as their 
rider/driver/owner wants.  Pigs are fairly similar, but somehow I don't see a 
pig as being a very good logo for Linux for the masses.

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