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Re: Propaganda themes

Okay Jean,
>It is also an American english word and a fairly modern one probably
>brought by migrants from Mexico.

You made me pop up MS Bookshelf, yes, I know MS stuff but. . . . Peon is
thought to be from a Medievil Latin word, pedo, meaning foot soldier or from
a Portugese word peao, dipthong over the "a". In Spanish it means a day

>Gueux is medieval so it should be translated by a british english
>word preferably one realted to peasants rebelling against

Gueux (gö) [Fr., = beggars] 16th-cent. Dutch revolutionary party. In 1566
over 2,000 nobles and burghers vowed to resist Spanish repression in the
NETHERLANDS. Called “these beggars” at the court of the Spanish regent,
MARGARET OF PARMA, they adopted the sobriquet. The “Beggars of the Sea,”
crews of Dutch privateers chartered in 1569 by WILLIAM THE SILENT to harass
Spanish shipping, raised the siege of LEIDEN in 1574.
The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia is licensed from Columbia University
Press. Copyright © 1991 by Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

So there!

You might say we are of a revolutionary class rebelling against MS
domination. Yes, I do wish Linux were easier and I hope you with a bit of
help from many can make it so. Lead on Captain Picard!

Maybe a pirates flag?