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Re: Propaganda themes

Bud Beckman wrote:

[... ]

> Gueux (gö) [Fr., = beggars] 16th-cent. Dutch revolutionary party. In 1566
> over 2,000 nobles and burghers vowed to resist Spanish repression in the
> NETHERLANDS. Called ?these beggars? at the court of the Spanish regent,
> MARGARET OF PARMA, they adopted the sobriquet. The ?Beggars of the Sea,?
> crews of Dutch privateers chartered in 1569 by WILLIAM THE SILENT to harass
> Spanish shipping, raised the siege of LEIDEN in 1574.
> The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia is licensed from Columbia University
> Press. Copyright © 1991 by Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.
> So there!
> You might say we are of a revolutionary class rebelling against MS
> domination. Yes, I do wish Linux were easier and I hope you with a bit of
> help from many can make it so. Lead on Captain Picard!

Wasn't it our friend Marcuse that predicted the fall of the bourgeoisie at the
hands of the technocracy?  So I say, carry on, proleteriats of the world
unite!  Ah, but those words have been heartily disparaged in most of the world
. . . .

> Maybe a pirates flag?

Oh, I think this has been disparaged as well.  Hmm, the only revolutionaries
held in high regard are the ones that put the current political structure in
place (though I am quite sure those same revolutionaries would think just short
of one second before wanting to overthrow the current system as well :-)).  So,
something like the Boston tea party where people object to the tea tax by
throwing tea into the harbor -- what about a French CD party where disgruntled
revolutionaries object to the Microsoft tax (who ever voted for Microsoft?  --
not I!) by throwing Bill Gates -- errhh, I mean Windows CDs -- into the Seine.


Andreas Pour