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>As an example of this, look at what RedHat does for mail.  They do
>nothing for the guy whose mail travels through PPP.  All they consider
>is the guy who has permanent access to the Internet.  Unix people
>never use PPP (except as ISPs), Linux people do.  Thus this a problem
>(mail through PPP) who is nearly unheard in Unix but common in Linux.
>But all RedHat (and every other distrib I know) does is send mail at
>regular intervals like if the user had ever permenent access that is
>it only addresses the problem when Linux is used as a cheap Unix not
>when it is used as a home computer.
It appears hat RH needs much more in the way of setting up PAP to a users
ISP. I also think they view a user as a person who wants to use Linux for a
network server, not a single user PC to connect to their ISP and do simple
ordinary word processing with a bit of graphics programs thrown in to pretty
up the word processing.

Mail, I think, they leave that up to Netscape, configure it to your ISP
configurations for mail and news.

I know Donovan will get angry but I'll say it anyway, if they would have a
distribution for a single user, leave out networking to make it easier, it
would help. Let the user choose which distribution, network or single user.

Downloaded the ppp rpm you told me about. I'll try it later.