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Re: ISP-ing

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Bud Beckman wrote:

> ISP. I also think they view a user as a person who wants to use Linux for a
> network server, not a single user PC to connect to their ISP and do simple
> ordinary word processing with a bit of graphics programs thrown in to pretty
> up the word processing.

this is pretty true. It tends to assume that the user is on a T1. We are
trying to fix this.

> I know Donovan will get angry but I'll say it anyway, if they would have a
> distribution for a single user, leave out networking to make it easier, it
> would help. 

you get into all kinds of problems when you try to define what
"networking" is.

Tell me which of the following are "networking" ...

*	ppp
*	DNS caching
*	caching news servers.
*	web caching servers
*	web servers

one of the problems is that most of the things the user *doesn't* need are
the inetd services. But removing these doesn't make the setup much easier

> Let the user choose which distribution, network or single user.
> Heresy?

not heresy, just not very helpful for the user ( and yet another choice
which they are forced to make. What does the person setting up a home
network choose ? a workstation on an ethernet ... ? )