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Re: ISP connecting

>If you're having real problems, try finding an ISP that supports Linux. In
>the UK, Connect Free <www.connectfree.co.uk> is a good, free ISP that
>supports Linux (so it's web page says. I moved there purely because they
>supported Linux. Fortunatly I've not had to use it yet.) Many do support
Well, they do not know anything about it, that is for sure, but it can be
done. There is a guy who I am going to try and get by telephone who uses
Linux on my ISP. It is the policy of most ISPs, I have found, they do not
wnat to support Linux because there are too many windoze users, not cost
effecient to train someone to do that, and not many of us Linux wannabees.

>> OK, I may resort to it, but I wanted to figure out the networking stuff,
>> get confused a lot, mutter to myself too.
>Muttering to oneself is, contrary to popular opinion, a good thing.

Yes, but notice how all those people stare at you if you do it in public,
I'm prone to do that too, as well as mutter in public and notice those
stares and shacking of heads.

>Will do, I'll post the URL on the list when it's finished. I'm not
>planning on it being complicated enough to cause a head banging session,
>though. :-)

It doesn't take much to make me frustrated any more, damn mind is going, I
know it. The head knocking is an attempt to free up the clogged cells.