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Re: ISP connecting

> >If you're having real problems, try finding an ISP that supports Linux. In
> >the UK, Connect Free <www.connectfree.co.uk> is a good, free ISP that
> >supports Linux (so it's web page says. I moved there purely because they
> >supported Linux. Fortunatly I've not had to use it yet.) Many do support
> >Linux.
> >
> Well, they do not know anything about it, that is for sure, but it can be
> done. There is a guy who I am going to try and get by telephone who uses
> Linux on my ISP. It is the policy of most ISPs, I have found, they do not
> wnat to support Linux because there are too many windoze users, not cost
> effecient to train someone to do that, and not many of us Linux wannabees.

Most ISPs support Mac people and they are as many Linuxers than Mac
people but Linuxers are used to be aminority so they are used to
meekly try to configure PPP themselves and when in despair reboot
Windows.  It is time we use the right tatcics: show we are a market
and a market who no longer accepts to be treated like second rate
users (ie "I will _not_ read FAQs, I will _not_ reboot Windows, I will
_not_ accept to be treated like a second rate customer, I _will_
change ISP to a friendlier one if you don't rovide a connectivity
kit".  The day Linux people begin to react like that then things will
be easier for everyone.  In fact the HOWTO every Linuxer should read
is "The make your $ votes count HOWTO"

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses