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Re: ISP-ing

From: Birger Langkjer
> Have you tried pico? Real simple text editor with the commands at the
> bottom, much easier.

lpe is better. I'm an lpe man, when I'm tired of graphics.

You might laugh at this, but when I was still very wet I couldn't figure out
that ^ = Ctrl so I actually tried typing it: 'Shift  Shift x' :-P
Unfortunately there are more ppl like (the old) me out there.


I'd be laughed out of the group if I told all the dumb things I have done.
Ignorance is not so bliss at times.

I will look for lpe, I can always give it a try. There is just not enough
time in the day, week, years, , ,  for me to learn or try out all this all
this stuff. Sometimes I can just be pointed in the right direction, that is
where the bed is.