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I'm not subscribed to this list, and I know this thread is really old.  But
I saw it on a web archive and want to clarify something.

> Has anyone tried the LPE editor?  I would like to have an editor for
> charcater mode small enough to go on a repair floppy.  It should be
> intuitive or at least with online help.  It should not need libraries
> from /usr.  Pico needs a 200 or 300K curses library wo goes in
> /usr/lib so it is not adequate.

Lpe uses the slang library (http://space.mit.edu/~davis/slang) so I'm not
sure it meets your requirements.  You can statically link it, of course, in
which case the binary grows substantially larger (no figures on hand -- I
think it's still smaller than pico dynamically linked, but it's nothing
like the dynamic size.)  Also, lpe isn't exactly intuitive and doesn't have
online help.  It's designed to be easy and convenient once you know it, but
you do need to read a man page and learn key commands.

So while I'd love for more people to use my editor if it's what they like,
it may not be right for this purpose.

Chris Smith
Author of 'lpe' - the lightweight programmer's editor