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Re: Synopsis

I can help.
But first I will do a report of some investigations I did to help
installation, especially the dos/win part.
Well first, I tried to find something free on windows to make
partitionning easier. In fact I found that a good tool for that was
parted which is a GNU programm running under linux. So I began to test it.
I had much trouble
while playing with my win/dos partitions, but after testing and
discussing, it doesn't seems that it is parted's fault, but win bugs.

What do people (JF) think about using parted for partitionning dos/win
patitions at install time, or is there a better solution allready
implemented ?

Other thing, I found a very interesting utility for windows, and what's
more an open source and free programm (although I think the compiler it
use isn't free, as it is in delphi, but still it is really rare, trust
me!), that does all installation for you, in the true windows tradition,
with install shield, registry modifications  and so on, seems very
powerfull. It is based on a config file that is parsed. So I think I could
use it to generate something nice for windows users, with an automatized
installation of loadlin, for example. Does it seems to be interresting ?

Last thing, I can recompile kernels, I allready tried to do a kernel
which could turn on the most different computers, modularised for anything
possible. I had problems for strange hardware, but I should dig and ask in
relevant places, if needed.

Well, last thing, but only to think about, I am aware of some systems that
only install the very basic system, so perhaps it could be useful to use
this as tool to save some work. But I think it is not a priority at all. 


JF, si tu veux me repondre en francais personnelement, hesite pas, en
plus pour moi, c plus facile.