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Re: Sv: Sv: Sv: Synopsis

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Rune Christiansen wrote:
> Note: I can't get WinZip (yes, I'm sitting on a Windows machine + OE)
> to unzip the gz file. Anybody want to ship me a clean tar-ball?
This may help you. Go to http://virtunix.itribe.net/mystuff.html

At the bottom of the page is a collection of *nix utilities called 
"Unix 95 Collection Version 7" ported to Win9x. This package includes 
tar and g(un)zip and many others. I found these to be very helpful when 
working with Linux files under Win32.

Make a directory C:/unix/bin and add SET PATH=C:/UNIX/BIN;%PATH% to 
your autoexec.bat. You should then be able to use tar or gunzip just 
like under Linux. Only differance is, (sym)links are not supported.

Have a look around the rest of the site while your there. You may find 
other interesting things ;-)


R.G. Mayhue