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Sv: Sv: Sv: Synopsis

>When you download an srpm and do an rpm -U on it you get the spec file
>in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS.  This file contains the descriptions.
>However I will put somewhere a tgz containing SPEC files to be modified.

I have no doubt about the fact that it's easy to download an SRPM etc. but
it's even easier (read: faster) to mail the texts.

Maybe a translation group is the answer?:

Fictive situation: Five people are all members of the list
"indy-translation". Person A is the list boss (or manager if you like), B is
from Norway, C is from Sweden and D is from Denmark. Person E is person (or
script maybe?) which compiles the RPM's:

  1. A sends a text to the list.
  2. B, C and D translates the text and sends
     it to E.
  3. E compiles the RPM.

>The installs uses gettext and that means that whenever it has to
>display a text it looks in a databse for the translation.  Emacs makes
>realtively easy to build that database

Wouldn't know. I use vi...

>> I've just downloaded the web site tar-ball. I'll check the form text and
>> what can be done...

Note: I can't get WinZip (yes, I'm sitting on a Windows machine + OE) to
unzip the gz file. Anybody want to ship me a clean tar-ball?

>Try to convince him in becoming an active member of Indy and spending
>a little time for it

Shouldn't be necessary if the form text is made more clear?

>As long as the program is about manipulating files and/or it can be
>easily reduced into series of wtandard commands (ie rm, find, grep)
>then you are right.

It is actually possible to make real apps from shell scripts. cognition
(David Webster for those who didn't know) should have a clear idea about the
project I'm talking about... :)

>But the shell is not really designed for more than relativeley
>programs so when you are not in trhe case mentioned above you should
>go for Perl or Python (Perl has more modules but Python is _far_ more
>maintainable) instead of the shell.

Unfortunately I don't wish to learn Perl, nor Python (but you are probably
right :)