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Re: Sv: Sv: Sv: Synopsis

> >When you download an srpm and do an rpm -U on it you get the spec file
> >in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS.  This file contains the descriptions.
> >However I will put somewhere a tgz containing SPEC files to be modified.
> I have no doubt about the fact that it's easy to download an SRPM etc. but
> it's even easier (read: faster) to mail the texts.
> Maybe a translation group is the answer?:

Yes to both.

> Fictive situation: Five people are all members of the list
> "indy-translation". Person A is the list boss (or manager if you like), B is
> from Norway, C is from Sweden and D is from Denmark. Person E is person (or
> script maybe?) which compiles the RPM's:
>   1. A sends a text to the list.
>   2. B, C and D translates the text and sends
>      it to E.
>   3. E compiles the RPM.

Compiling RPMs is very easy (rpm -ba SPECfile) but it requires a
carefully controlled environment ie we don't want some functionality
lost because person had not installed such or such libary so at build

> >The installs uses gettext and that means that whenever it has to
> >display a text it looks in a databse for the translation.  Emacs makes
> >realtively easy to build that database
> Wouldn't know. I use vi...

Then at least for this task you should use Emacs as you will travel
third class if you use VI.  Emacs has a specialized mode who will
allow you to find untranslated sentences or sentences who are suspect
(ie the original text has been modified) and much more.  With VI you
will be doing it by hand.

> >> I've just downloaded the web site tar-ball. I'll check the form text and
> see
> >> what can be done...
> Note: I can't get WinZip (yes, I'm sitting on a Windows machine + OE) to
> unzip the gz file. Anybody want to ship me a clean tar-ball?
> >Try to convince him in becoming an active member of Indy and spending
> >a little time for it
> Shouldn't be necessary if the form text is made more clear?

I think so.

> >As long as the program is about manipulating files and/or it can be
> >easily reduced into series of wtandard commands (ie rm, find, grep)
> >then you are right.
> It is actually possible to make real apps from shell scripts. cognition
> (David Webster for those who didn't know) should have a clear idea about the
> project I'm talking about... :)

Yes, and Henry Spencer wrote a compiler in AWK for the fun.  But at
one point shell starts becoming painful, real painful.

> >But the shell is not really designed for more than relativeley
> >programs so when you are not in trhe case mentioned above you should
> >go for Perl or Python (Perl has more modules but Python is _far_ more
> >maintainable) instead of the shell.
> Unfortunately I don't wish to learn Perl, nor Python (but you are probably
> right :)

Python makes difficult to write unmaintanable programs.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses