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Sv: Sv: Sv: Sv: Synopsis

>> I have no doubt about the fact that it's easy to download an SRPM etc.
>> it's even easier (read: faster) to mail the texts.
>Less bandwidth hungry, as well?


[about the translation group]

>Sounds like a reasonable idea. I could be the english
>translator. i.e. grammar/spell checking.

Good idea.

>Is the web-tar-ball still being maintained?

Wasn't it just a script (cronjob)?

>It should be clear, but we want, need as many people as possible. Thus
>some coaxing may need to be done.

I believe that an intro-text should do the work. People are probably more
motivated if they've decided themselves to participate?

>> (David Webster for those who didn't know) should have a clear idea about
>> project I'm talking about... :)

Thought you might say that... :)

>FWIW: I'm actually working on a shell script guide, and getting 'round to
>commenting the 50+ apps I've written. It's just at the concept stage, atm,
>but it should be finished by july/august time.

Remember to put the descriptions on your site too. That way we can all make
use of them...

>I'd recommend that you atleast look at perl. It's a good language, and is
>probably worth knowing (job wise).

Maybe, but time is limited (as always :) and I'm not getting an education in
any computer-related areas, so I have no direct need for it.