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Sv: Sv: Groups

[new groups]

Sounds good. We should also have an announce list.

> > > Now we need people volunteering for these groups or suggesting a
> > > duifferent organization.
> > 
> > How many people do we have on the list? All of them should be
> > candidates :)
> > 
> Many but most people subcribed just to watch what happens.

Then we have to 
> send a mail to majordomo@seul.org

> Hacking Indy through a modem has a negative effect on moral since ssh
> sessions are _painful_.

That's why I'm working on a script which will open the connection,
update whatever needs to be updated and and close the connection again.
With minor corrections, it could very well be used with indy as well
(now I just need the time to write the actual script :).