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Re: Sv: Groups

> > In the future we could consider replacing their installer (Caldera
> open
> > sourced its installer and it is leagues ahead RedHat's)
> Do we have a text installer? I would like to have a "real" text
> installer (not just the RH type) as an alternative to the graphic one.
> I am thinking about a simple shell script, which should present the
> install in list form - nothing fancy.

Indy can be installed in text mode.  Isntaller is in python.

> > 3) We need a real orgaization with people in chrge of a domain and so
> on.
> That was my aim :)
> [about the different groups]
> Looks fine. I think we should just go with them and correct any details
> later.

I see at least two more:

-Kernel and optimization group: Build an optimal kernel, look about if
 we integrate novelties like ReiserFs and the Alsa sound drivers,
 integrate in the installation whatever optimizations we can so the
 user does not need to discover them, I am thinking in Powertweak: I
 have easured far better disk throughput and less CPU usage in I/Os
 when powertweak is activated.

-Espionnage group: It is about trying other distribs and seeing what
 idzeas we could use of them.  But told this way it makes think in
 James Bond.

> > Now we need people volunteering for these groups or suggesting a
> > duifferent organization.
> How many people do we have on the list? All of them should be potential
> candidates :)

Many but most people subcribed just to watch what happens.

send a mail to majordomo@seul.org


 who independence-l

in the body and no subject.

> > A personal note: I have got ADSL a fews days ago.  It is not only
> tren
> I will hopefully get ADSL in a couple of months (there's a _long_
> waiting list), but it's nice to know that the increase in performance
> is so good :)

Hacking Indy through a modem has a negative effect on moral since ssh
sessions are _painful_.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses