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Sv: Groups

> In the future we could consider replacing their installer (Caldera
> sourced its installer and it is leagues ahead RedHat's)

Do we have a text installer? I would like to have a "real" text
installer (not just the RH type) as an alternative to the graphic one.
I am thinking about a simple shell script, which should present the
install in list form - nothing fancy.

> 3) We need a real orgaization with people in chrge of a domain and so

That was my aim :)

[about the different groups]

Looks fine. I think we should just go with them and correct any details

> Now we need people volunteering for these groups or suggesting a
> duifferent organization.

How many people do we have on the list? All of them should be potential
candidates :)

> A personal note: I have got ADSL a fews days ago.  It is not only

I will hopefully get ADSL in a couple of months (there's a _long_
waiting list), but it's nice to know that the increase in performance
is so good :)