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Probably definitive version of "what can I do?"

Here is a revised version of the "What can I do for Indy?"

I hope it is definitive

Many people think only programmers can participate in Indy.  Nothing
more wrong.

Of course we really need them and if you are interested please contact
me <MYEMAIL> but here is a list of what non programmers can do:

-RPM building (slightly difficult) and maintenance (trivial most of time).

-Technological watch: look at www.freshmeat.net, www.linuxapps.com and
www.appwatch.com and filter the applications who match Indy's
applications guidelines.   

-Investigate applications: one of Indy basic postulates is that we
 would like to ship only one application for a given task: the best
 one.   Also in some cases there are complementary docs or software who
 greatly improve an application, it would greatly help if after
 investigating you could give us a list of files to be included

-Activism and announcing it in LUGS.  Also improving Indy texts not
 only for syntax but for their impact.  Indy needs people remember?

-Look for resources like tutorials and additional docs

-Write documentation


-Organizational work.

-If you are running another distribution than Indy or its parent
 distribution (presently RedHat) write a report about it.

-Testing and critics: it will help us to improve

-Security: Looking at announces of security holes and, if software is
 not Indy specific insert the fix in Indy-updates otherwise contact RPM