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What can you do?

This is the waht can you do text who is supposed to go in the recruiting form.

I promise that this is the last doctrine text for today

Many people think only programmers can participate in Indy.  Nothing
more wrong.

Of course we really need them and if you are interested please contact
me <MYEMAIL> but here is a list of what non programmers can do:

-RPM building (slightly difficult) and maintenance (trivial most of time).

-Technological watch: look at www.freshmeat.net, www.linuxapps.com and
www.appwatch.com and filter the applications who match Indy's
applications guidelines.   

-Compare applications: one of Indy basic postulates is that we only
 want the best application for given task

-Activism and announcing it in LUGS.  Indy needs people remember?

-Look for resources like tutorials and additional docs

-Write documentation

-If you are running another distribution than Indy or its parent
 distribution (presently RedHat) write a report about it.

-Testing and critics: it will help us to improve

-Security: Looking at announces of security holes and if software is
 not Indy specific insert the fix in Indy-updates.