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Re: Goals

on 6/11/01 6:53 PM, Jean Francois Martinez at jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> This is the text about goals who is supposed to go into its own page
Here is a more concise revised list of goals.
Perhaps this will inspire something. I may be wrong, but I am just trying to
help. I think it's clearer and more to the point.

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Indy's Goals

1 ) [Revised] INDY's PRIMARY goal is to empower the simple-end-user.  Our intention is to extract from the garrison's of the programmer elite, an operating system that enables the common person to surf the web, play games, listen to music, write stories and communicate with friends without having to become a programmer just to send email. 

2) [revised] Our Aim is a trouble free operating system that is kept so by the community which steps in to help each other when something goes wrong. Where users openly communicate with one another to solve problems and to educate. And who then take that knowledge and pass it on to others. Our aim is a community of people helping people, soley for the purpose of improving the general quality of computer interaction.