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Re: Welcoming new people

-cEnsE- a écrit :

> -----------------
> >In the last week there has been an unusual number of new people subscribed to
> >the mail list.  The snapsot announce has been reported in NewsForge and that
> >is why they heard about Indy.    Howver a problem we have had until now is
> >how to inform them of the lastest evolutions without tiring other people who
> >have already seen them.
> >
> >We have a but it is being cleaned and updated and until this is donee
> >I think the solution would be to set a directory with fundamental texts  and
> >periodically post an URL about it.
> >
> >
> >                               JFM
> Are there any new volunteers or just mailing list members? We need some people
> to help out with DrakX conversion to Indy.

One of them has accepted to investigate sound software.    My experience is that only
a very small proportion of subscribers will participate.   That means we have to,
a fair number of them.   For reaching this goal we will have to:
a) Have a web site explaining our goals and what we have reached
b) Advance in Indy development
c) Make regular announces and other noise

Of course problem is that for now b) is not easy