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Re: Welcoming new people

>In the last week there has been an unusual number of new people subscribed to 
>the mail list.  The snapsot announce has been reported in NewsForge and that 
>is why they heard about Indy.    Howver a problem we have had until now is 
>how to inform them of the lastest evolutions without tiring other people who 
>have already seen them.
>We have a but it is being cleaned and updated and until this is donee
>I think the solution would be to set a directory with fundamental texts  and 
>periodically post an URL about it.
>				JFM

Are there any new volunteers or just mailing list members? We need some people
to help out with DrakX conversion to Indy. 

I hope this comment is not overstepping my bounds JFM:

Are there any of the new people on this list that would like to volunteers some man
power to the Indy project?