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What you can do

Since you asked what you can do for Indy I will answer you that in fact by 
publishing about it you are already doing something very valuable: we need 
people and we will only get it if we become known and then convince them.

Thus if you accept to take charge of the PR and revisison of the site for 
eloquency.   Also in occasions I find the limits in my english vocabulary
are a serious drawback.   For instance at times I want to counter the Unix 
traditionalists who sneeze at anything user friendly.   The idea is that in 
Linux we have to account for those people who have to take care of themselves 
from the first day while those who sneeze had teachers and sysadmins 
protecting them from the cold, hard world.   But I need a word with good and 
even heroical connotations for the 'Linux self-made men' and one with 
negative connotations for the sneezers (in France we use "fils a papa" for 
those who drive Ferrarris paid by daddy's money).

Do you think you can take charge of this (PR and impact of texts)?