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Refocusing of second snapshot

I planned to move Indy to a Mandrake-based installer but there are still
too many issues before
my planned two week leave of July first.  Some of them are: making it
use XFS by default, make it
use Grub instead of LILO (Mandrake people picked LILO as default due to
it allowing boot images but
Grub is so superior  I consider this is not in user's interest),
entering the whole list of Indy
 packages to Mandrake format.

So because I want something for end June I will be refocusing on
application software for Indy in
second snapshot.   When I will return I will have much more time than
presently so I  hope to be
able to have new instller ready for end July

I also want to apologize towards some people who had had no answers to
their mails: Kmail has lost
all my mail for the last month after it was stopped uncleanly.   This
will teach me to have backups.
But I also have doubt about including a program who is not robust
enough.   Nevertheless I recovered
list traffic through the list archives but not private mail so if you
had a question pending please 
resent it to me

			JF Martinez

Independence Linux (http://independence.seul.org)
Because Linux should be for everyone.