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About Euphoria

I don't know Euphoria but as a principle I think it twice before
adding another computer language.  Reason is that Linux has
already a strong techie image and one of my goals is having people
think in Linux as a tool for many other things besides programming
and networking.  That is why a program for real life needs (eg
account management), child education, self improvement (type faster,
improve memory), artistic activity will found easier to be included
in Indy than a programming language.

There are some cases I can make exception:
-Language could be conceived as an educational tool for children (one
of the requirements are good multimedia capabilities, eg Squeak I will
be reincluding ASAP)
-Language is needed for building a component of Indy

And of course that policy is subject to revision if active people find
it wrong

			JF Martinez

Independence Linux (http://independence.seul.org)
Because Linux should be for everyone.