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Base anaconda

I have put the first base anaconda in
I edited references to RedHat and sentences implying we are a 
regular commercazil distribution.  
I will have it put on CVS ASAP.

Basic idea is:

At first reboot we have anacoda invoked with the --postinstall parm
and then:

-we ask for installing docs in national language (they will be in docs

-we configure dial up access if needed

-we configure sound card

Of course we could add items to this list, regroup some or have them
proposed only if the user installed in a certain way (I don't think it
makes sense to configure sound card if the user picked the server

One point is that we have to ensure anaconda is installed.  We get
this by putting it in the 'base' component.  However in order to avoid
this sucking gtk-gnome and X libraries into the base install (through
dependencies) wed will have to split anaconda so all modules who are X
based are put in a separate RPM (anaconda-gui).  Anaconda will
probably have to catch failed use of GTK modules and then force text
based use.  This way people who don't have installed X (like for
servers) still get anaconda without RPM complaining about failed

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses