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Re: Tips

> > It would be useful if at each login the user would be presnted with a
> > Tip about Linux use.  Making the app is trivial but problems is
> > building the database.
> >
> > Volunteers
> >
> I would be willing to submit 30 or so quirks in linux i discovered as a
> linux newbie that made my life easier - its just how simple do you want
> tips?  Like are we dealing with someone who's used unix (or a flavor of)
> before or some one has just stepped out of windows? Also, It would also
> beneficial to have perhaps a link on the tip to further instructions or
> information.
> ~Jon

While doing a few of them I realized that the ones I was coming up with were
mostly terminal tricks, which then brought me to another questions.  Should
tips be GUI focused such as "How to Create Shortcut " or Conosle tricks such
as "Virtual Terminals".  And then if GUI focused, KDE or GNOME? they have
different elements, and if we were to do both than we should have different
databases.  Who knew such a simple app could prose so many questions.